What We Offer

SENDSCOPE is an Independent Special School offering full time and short
term, bespoke placements for young people aged 11 to 13 years.
Our placements are designed to assist neurodiverse young people and
their families with the transition from primary to secondary education,
facilitate reintegration into mainstream education or support transition to
specialist provision.

Our programme is carefully structured and consists of the following:

  • An initial observation in the current setting
  • Meeting with the young person, parents/carers and other professionals to develop a holistic profile
  • Diagnostic assessments at the beginning of the placement which identifies strengths and area of development
  • A six to twelve week placement offering a tailored curriculum
  • Therapeutic approaches to learning that are centred around emotional wellbeing
  • Mid-term and end point reviews with professional recommendations
  • Reintegration and transitional support
  • Instructional coaching and training for staff and parents on making reasonable adjustments in order to promote and sustain inclusion.

SENDSCOPE commission Full time and Part Time places for Alternative Provision

Full time – Monday to Friday 8:30am – 2:30pm
Part Time – Monday to Thursday 10am – 2pm
with Friday dedicated to school reintegration

Learning Offer

We foster a welcoming and secure environment where young people can
develop themselves holistically and therapeutically, focusing on building resilience, effective communication, positive relationships, theory of mind
and emotional wellbeing.

We are passionate about an approach which empowers young people to
develop emotional regulation, enabling them to positively engage in
educational programmes with a focus on Literacy and Numeracy skills and
metacognition to improve curriculum access.
Our tailored curriculum is planned carefully by fully qualified and
experienced teachers to ensure that the individual needs of our young
people are being met and that all learning opportunities are utilised; every
moment matters.

Host schools will receive personalised training and support on making
reasonable adjustments to facilitate the successful reintegration of young
people into mainstream settings or specialist education. Schools will be
provided with a bank of evidence-based approaches that meet the needs of all learners. We are all teachers of SEND and ‘good teaching for SEND is
good teaching for all’.

Pastoral Offer

Through communication and interaction activities we guide our young people towards choosing solution focused language and internalising a positive identity in order to develop awareness and self-control.

At SENDSCOPE, young people benefit from a range of planned experiences relating to the 5 ways to wellbeing:

  • Connect – to form and sustain positive relationships.
  • Be Active – to take responsibility for overall physical health by considering the impacts of diet, exercise, screen time, adequate sleep, drugs (legal and illegal) cigarettes and alcohol.
  • Take Notice – to practise mindfulness and be present in the moment.
  • Keep Learning – to develop a growth mindset and embrace challenge as a way of moving forward.
  • Give – to make a positive contribution to society.

Young people will have access to a programme which includes connecting with others positively through social activities, improving health and wellbeing through physical exercise, managing and regulating emotions through mindfulness approaches, developing resilience when learning new skills and understanding the role they have in contributing to their community.

Who we Support

What sets us apart is our programme of support that we offer young people, schools and families. The young person is at the centre of all we do and coproduction with schools, families and professional partners is essential at SENDSCOPE.

Our coaching and training offer to schools promotes cognitive science and the learning process. Working memory, dual coding and retrieval are all concepts that will have impact when embedded into daily practice. Effective lesson structure, scaffolding and making reasonable adjustments, that are underpinned by the graduated approach are fundamental to access high quality teaching.